Luxury Vinyl Plank

luxury vinyl plank

Enjoy the Look of Hardwood with Luxury Vinyl Planks in Algonquin, IL

luxury vinyl plank in algonquinPeople around the world have coveted classic hardwood flooring for its appearance and durability. Though hardwood remains as popular as ever, though, more and more families are looking to luxury vinyl plank - or LVP - as an affordable, lower-maintenance alternative. Today you can find luxury vinyl planks in Algonquin, IL, at our showroom, as well as a variety of other vinyl flooring products.

Why Choose LVP?

Luxury vinyl plank offers a variety of unique benefits that you won’t find in other flooring materials - at least, not in a single product. Not only is vinyl tile durable, but it’s surprisingly low-maintenance, making it a great choice for busy households. An LVP floor stands up to the test of time and requires only a sweeping and mopping every now and then to stay clean.

Form is as important as function. Luxury vinyl is distinctive in that it is manufactured to mimic the look and feel of a particular “natural” material, such as wood in the case of LVP. Other varieties, like luxury vinyl tile, imitate the appearance of stone tiles. However, unlike those natural materials, an LVP floor doesn’t need constant finishing and sealing to look beautiful. Its composite makeup helps it endure all sorts of hard knocks.

Altogether, LVP is popular with families and businesses that want beautiful, distinguished-looking floors that don’t require a lot of upkeep. Traditional hardwood needs regular care to remain beautiful and sturdy, while luxury vinyl planks will continue to perform well for years to come without constant maintenance. Choose this product to simplify your cleaning routine and save more on annual flooring care.

Schedule Professional Installation

Luxury vinyl plank looks and performs its best when you choose installation from experienced contractors. Our showroom can conveniently supply the services you need once you choose an LVP product for your home or business. Talk to our showroom staff to schedule your installation date and then leave the rest to our team. You’re sure to be satisfied with our handiwork, attention to detail, and respect for your property.

Opting for professional luxury vinyl plank floor installation is essential to ensuring your new floors work as intended. That’s because many problems can develop as a result of mistakes made during the installation process. We strongly encourage you to schedule installation with licensed and experienced contractors; ours offer several years of experience and know-how to install almost any type of flooring material.


Contact our showroom staff today to learn more about luxury vinyl planks and choose the one that’s right for your home. We proudly serve residents of Algonquin, Illinois, and nearby areas.

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